The Best of Customer Success Together, At Last.

Gainsight and ServiceSource introduce Outcome360 as the new standard in integrated Customer Success software and services

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Regardless of size, geography, or industry sector, enterprises will have streamlined access to the best elements of a world-class Customer Success program.


Dedicated ServiceSource practice around Gainsight technology, enabling clients to get up and running faster with deployment expertise and global reach.


Data management and quality, systems integration, Sales/CSM process definition, and channel management – all delivered by ServiceSource’s professional and managed services on a global scale.


Gainsight’s technology now powers the ServiceSource Revenue-as-a-Service platform, driving additional efficiency in its revenue delivery centers.


Customers today have more choice than ever – a fundamental shift that has put pressure on vendors to transform their entire business around delivering outcomes.

Hear from Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and ServiceSource CEO Chris Carrington on why Customer Success will become ubiquitous with Outcome360, and the business imperatives driving that momentum for enterprises of all sizes.

Customer Success is rapidly becoming the differentiating factor between high-growth organizations and those that aren’t,” said J.B. Wood, president and CEO of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). “This partnership between ServiceSource and Gainsight not only brings proven technology, best-practice processes, and decades of expertise together, it offers companies of various sizes and stages of growth the opportunity to leverage what they need most to enable and achieve Customer Success.
JB Wood

JB Wood

President and CEO, TSIA